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Slovenian Logistic Association
Letališka 16 | 1000 Ljubljana T: 01 585 11 88
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Slovenian Logistic Association is free, independent and non-profit organisation of members and supporters.

Main goal is professional acting and networking on the field of transportation, traffic and business logistic. Association connects experts, entrepreneurs, managers and other people, who acts in this fields and wants to contribute to the development of transportation, traffic and business logistic.

We built our mission on the fact, that logistic environment in Slovenia has reserves in cooperation, training and education. We are aware that for improvement in the branch, cooperation between industry and institutions of knowledge and as well experiences from worldwide best practices is needed.

Slovenian logistic association shall be active, opened and internationally recognized association, which shall help our members get proper training programmes, offer useful logistic information and connect the members into a perfect logistic community. To external interested customers the association shall offer support and useful information regarding the situation in our branch.

  • Networking
  • Experience exchange
  • Best practices
  • Fair visiting
  • Less expensive access to best professional events
  • Friendship
  • Professional training
  • Access to top experts

Slovenian Logistic Association organisation structure:

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07 July 2016 06:15 - 23:45

Logist leta 2015

LOGIST LETA 2015 je g. Marjan Bezjak iz podjetja F.A. MAIK d.o.o.


Poročilo  z dogodka LOGIST LETA 2015...