By becoming a regular member of the Slovenian Logistic Association, you will be guaranteed:

  • Free or reduced-price participation in workshops, seminars, best practice tours, etc., organized by the Association for members and others (15+ events/year).
  • An exclusive 20-point discount for attending the main annual logistics event, "Supply Chains in Science and Practice".
  • Discounts on participation in partner events.
  • Organized visits to international trade fairs in the field of logistics, transport, packaging, etc.
  • Facilitated access to top experts.
  • Active participation in the Association's programs, allowing you to influence the development and future of Slovenian logistics.
  • Plenty of opportunities for informal socializing in good company and making new business and friendship connections.

Membership in the Slovenian Logistics Association is linked to a natural person and not to a legal entity, even if the payer of the membership fee is a legal entity. All rights and obligations arising from membership in the Association are, therefore, the responsibility of the natural person who joins. Membership shall be automatically renewed annually until cancellation.


Regular Members of the Association

A Regular Member of the Association may, under the same conditions, be an individual who:

  • Is a professional in the field of transport, traffic, or logistics,
  • Has established themselves in the fields referred to in the first indent, in business, science, or research,
  • Agrees with the objectives and principles of the Association, as well as its rules of operation and programme of work,
  • Has paid the membership fee for the current year,
  • Completes and signs the membership declaration,
  • Is admitted to membership by a decision of the Management Board of the Association.

A foreigner may become a member of the Association under the same conditions as a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia. The rights and duties of foreigners are the same as those of regular members of the Association.

The membership fee for regular members of the Slovenian Logistic Association for the year 2024 shall be EUR 150.00.

Are you a student?

Join us to learn first-hand about real logistics challenges and make valuable contacts with professionals and companies that can be the bridge to your first work experience and a job.

We will grant you student status if you provide us with a valid enrolment certificate for the current academic year along with your declaration of enrolment. It is also your responsibility to send us a new enrolment certificate at the start of the new academic year. Otherwise, we regret that we will not be able to recognize your student membership fee. Please send your confirmation to

The student membership fee for 2024 is 50.00 EUR.