About the Association

Logistics connects us. Logistics makes us more efficient. Good logistics makes us better.

The Slovenian Logistic Association (SLA) is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association of members and sympathisers in the field of transport, traffic and business logistics. We are a network of more than 250 managers, experts, entrepreneurs and others who work in the field of logistics or are interested in this field and want to contribute to the all-round development of Slovenian logistics, increase its visibility and strengthen its international reputation through their activities in the Association.

Knowledge, networking and collaboration
The activities of the Association are driven by the recognition that the logistics environment in Slovenia is fragmented, lacking comprehensiveness, and faces challenges in training and education. We believe that enhancing the sector can be accomplished through more active collaboration between businesses and educational institutions. Consequently, we are strengthening our partnerships with various faculties, engaging in meaningful dialogues on the profession's importance, and working towards providing skilled professionals whose knowledge aligns with the needs of users.

Beyond knowledge, an efficient supply chain necessitates excellent cooperation between logistics service providers and users. Achieving this requires a comprehensive understanding of the situation, the ability to identify opportunities, awareness of trends, knowledge of international best practices, and insights into future forecasts. To enhance competitiveness, continuous technological progress and the implementation of innovative, ground-breaking logistics solutions with higher added value are crucial.



Through professional operations to connect participants of comprehensive logistic networks to increase added value, expertise and competitiveness.



International promotion of the profession and encourage increasing the competitiveness of Slovenian logistics with the help of high-tech and product transformation.



  1. To expand the logistics community by bringing together providers and users of logistics services.
  2. To position the International Logistics Congress "Supply Chains in Science and Practice" as one of the most prominent events in the wider region and Europe.
  3. To popularize the "Logistician of the Year," "Logistics Project of the Year," "Lifetime Achievement in Logistics," and "Best Logistics R&D Project" awards, raising their profile in the profession.
  4. To build on the partnership with the State and competent institutions and increase incentives for product and technological modernization.
  5. To strengthen cooperation with international institutions.
  6. To increase cooperation between the industry and universities to promote and support all professions in the logistics sector.
  7. To develop quality audits of study programs and seminars in logistics and establish internationally recognized certification.