Terms of Use

Terms of Use

NOTICE: By accessing and utilizing the web pages of slz.si/en, users hereby commit to agreeing with all stipulations outlined in the following general terms of use.

By visiting the website and/or subscribing to newsletters, users expressly consent to these general terms of use. If the user does not agree with these terms, the use of the website, subscription to e-newsletters, and completion of forms on the site are not permitted.

1. General Provisions

The General Terms of Use (hereinafter: Terms of Use) of the slz.si/en website (hereinafter: Website) relate to the conditions governing the use of content on the web pages. These Terms represent a legally binding agreement between the SLOVENIAN LOGISTIC ASSOCIATION, located at Dimičeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter: Provider), and every individual who visits the Website and/or uses the Website in any manner (hereinafter: User).

The Provider reserves the right to modify and/or delete any part of the Website without prior notice. To ensure the best possible experience for the User, the Provider is committed to regularly updating the Website. The User acknowledges and agrees that the format and nature of the Website may change periodically without prior notice to the User. 

2. Website Accessibility 

The Website is generally accessible 24 hours a day. The Provider reserves the right to temporary interruptions in access to the Website due to technical reasons. Furthermore, the Provider reserves the right to longer interruptions in access in cases related to maintenance works and/or equipment replacement. The Provider does not guarantee access to the Website in cases of outages in the internet connection networks of providers or any failures, errors, and/or other technical disturbances or interruptions caused by the malfunctioning of third parties (internet connection outage, power supply failure, etc.), as well as in cases of force majeure.

3. Access Restriction to the Website

The Provider reserves the right to limit or terminate access to the Website’s content for an individual user's IP address in cases of suspected abuse, as mentioned in point 7 of these Terms of Use.

4. Age Restrictions and Liability 

There are no age restrictions for using the Website. The  Website is intended for the user's personal use only. Registering other individuals or completing forms on behalf of others is not permitted. The user guarantees this with full indemnity liability and assumes passive legitimation in the event of a dispute.

5. Persona Data Protection and Cookies 

Integral to these general terms of business is the policy on protecting personal data and the policy on web cookies. These documents are available at the following links:

  • Personal Data Protection Policy (We Respect your Privacy document)
  • Web Cookies Policy (Cookies Policy document)

6. Disclaimer of Liability 

The User acknowledges that:

  • Web technologies for transmitting and accessing content on the Website are not 100 % reliable at all times. In the case of outages in the operation of third-party systems required for accessing the Website (internet service providers, electricity providers, etc.), the Provider does not assume any liability.
  • The Provider is not responsible for inaccurately operating the services resulting from improper use or lack of knowledge by the User in utilizing the services.
  • The use of services requires appropriate software and hardware (computer, web browser, internet access).
  • The Provider technically cannot guarantee the operation of services in case of network outages of contractual partners, power outages, or other technical disturbances that could temporarily disrupt the operation of services.
  • All information, materials, and other content on the Website are of an informational nature. The Provider endeavours to ensure the best possible presentation and operation of the Website and the currency, completeness, and accuracy of the data presented on the Website. Despite these efforts, the Provider assumes no responsibility for their correctness, timeliness, or completeness.
  • Without prior permission from the Provider, it is not permitted to copy, print, or store published images on the Website. Likewise, the use of graphic elements and trademarks without the prior permission of the Provider is expressly prohibited.

7. User Commitments

The User agrees to:

  • Not use the contents published on the Website for commercial, illegal, or other purposes beyond those specified in these Terms of Use.
  • Not distribute content that is copyrighted or found on the Website.
  • Do not attempt to obtain, collect, and/or store personal data of other Website users.
  • Not in any way copy, store, or transmit the whole or parts of the Website’s contents.
  • Do not use computer codes, malicious software, or anything that could disrupt, disable, or damage the Website and/or the Provider and its software and hardware.

8. Complaints

In you have any problems or questions, you can send a message to info@slz.si.


9. Violation of Terms of Use

The Provider reserves the right to deny access to the Website to users who violate the Terms of Use or the general business terms. If a user's conduct causes any form of damage to the Provider, they shall be fully morally, materially, and criminally liable for such damage. Instances of violations of the terms of business and/or general terms of business by other users can be reported to the email address info@slz.si.

10. Amendments and Supplements to the Terms of Use

The Provider may modify and/or supplement these Terms of Use in the case of changes in regulations governing the operation of the Website, data protection, and other areas related to the Provider's website operations, as well as due to changes in its business policy. Users will be appropriately informed of such changes, mainly through notification on the website www.slz.si/en or via email, especially if the changes pertain to personal data protection policy modifications. Any amendments and/or supplements to the Terms of Use shall become effective and applicable upon the expiration of eight days after their publication. If an amendment and/or supplement to the General Business Terms is urgently required to comply with regulations, these changes may exceptionally come into force and be applied in a shorter timeframe.A user who disagrees with the amendments and/or supplements to these Terms of Use must cancel their registration or stop using the services, contents, or anything else from the Website within eight days of the publication of the notice of the amendment and/or supplement. After this period, it is assumed, and contrary evidence is not admissible, that the user accepts the changes and/or supplements to the Terms of Use. To cancel the registration, the user must send a written statement to the Provider indicating the cancellation. Discontinuation of use is considered to occur when the user no longer uses the Provider's website in any way.

These General Business Terms were adopted by the President of the Provider, in Ljubljana, on 24 May 2018.