General Conditions

General Conditions

1. Scope

The General Terms and Conditions govern the registration and cancellation procedure for each event before it takes place, the ordering of publications, the protection of personal data and the organisation of events. 

The general terms and conditions for registrations and cancellations before events of the Slovenian Logistics Association (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) apply to all events (conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events) organized by the Slovenian Logistics Association and publications that can be ordered through SLA.

These Terms and Conditions apply equally to all events and participants, unless otherwise specified by SLA in the registration for a particular event.

The Terms and Conditions are an integral part of each registration form for each event, regardless of the form of registration for the event (written, via the website, or in any other way that demonstrates the person and the event to which this person has registered). Any person who applies for a particular event entirety, irrevocably, and unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions are published in their currently valid version on the website and may occasionally change. At the time of registration for a particular event, the Terms and Conditions published on the website at that time apply.

2. Registrations, Cancellations, and Payment of Registration Fees

Registration Form

Registration for an event is done by filling in the online registration form at for each event, by emailing or by filling in the physical registration form and submitting it to the person in charge.

Data on Registration Form 

Each registration, regardless of the method, requires the entry of necessary information, typically:

  • participant’s name and surname,
  • information about the payer/registrant of the event: company, address, tax ID number,
  • job position,
  • Phone/mobile number,
  • Email.

Payment of Registration Fees for the Event

The registration fee is stated in the general description of each event. The general description of the event also includes any discounts or benefits for SLA members.

SLA will invoice the company or individual written down on the registration form.

3. Cancellation of Event Registration

Cancellation of an event registration can only be made in written, sent via email to The deadline for written cancellation without the obligation to pay any registration fee is three (3) working days before the announced start of the event. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged administrative costs, as stated in the general description of each event.

3.1. Cancellation of the Event by the Slovenian Logistic Association

The Slovenian Logistic Association reserves the right to cancel an event due to insufficient number of applications, other objective reasons, or force majeure. In this case, the organizer will notify all registered participants at least two working days before the scheduled event. Notification will be done via email or phone. In case of event cancellation, the organiser will refund all due payments in full or, by agreement with the participant, retain the funds for participation in another event in the current year.

4. Speaker Presentations

The presentations used by presenters or speakers to present the content at workshops, seminars, conferences, … are their intellectual property. They are exceptionally published on the website after the event by agreement and with the presenter's permission (speaker).

5. Photography and Video Recording of Events

The Slovenian Logistics Association reserves the right to audio, video, and photo documentation of the events. The materials are the property of SLA. SLA may use all material from events (audio, video, photo) indefinitely for promotional purposes.

6. Data Protection

The organiser ensures a high level of personal data protection and commits to carefully storing and using all personal data received in the registration form only to analyse data about event participants and present SLA services. The applicants for each event authorize the processing of their personal data and the data of persons listed on the registration form for the above-described purpose, for which they have all the appropriate authorizations. 

Persons listed on the registration form may at any time request that the Slovenian Logistics Association permanently or temporarily cease using their personal data to directly market services. SLA is obliged to appropriately prevent using personal data for direct marketing of SLA services within 15 days and inform the person who requested this within the next five days. SLA covers the costs of all actions related to this. More about the privacy policy and protection of personal data >.

7. Applicability

This Terms and Conditions shall apply as of 1 July 2018.