Sharing Good Practices Between National ELA Members


The European Logistics Association delivers on its commitment to enhance networking and sharing best practices among all ELA members.

The ELA welcomed new management at the beginning of June 2023, accompanied also by changes within the Board of Directors. Since March 2023, our President, Igor Žula, has also served on the Board. Upon assuming this role, he emphasised his desire for our members to gain more from SLA as part of the ELA.

These commitments have been taken seriously. ELA encourage all their national members to organise events, particularly webinars, which will be accessible to all members. This initiative marks the first step that the ELA and SLA leadership aim to undertake to bolster international networking and sharing good practices.

The ELA Online programme will support those events or webinars and will be free of charge. They will held in English.

We connect and build new relationships.