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In the past years Slovenia has been showing above-average economic growth compared to other European countries and as a result investments in new builds and modern technologies have been growing rapidly. Logistics and production are catching up with the best European economies and our presence is increasingly felt globally as well. All these developments arise questions as to which technologies are most appropriate for our business model. What issues should we particularly be attentive to when replacing technologies? How to approach business transformation? Does digitalisation affect the role of transport operator and associated activities? If so, how?

Slovene athletes are our role models. Despite being a small nation we can proudly boast of numerous top athletic achievements in various disciplines on European level and worldwide which reflects proverbial Slovene ambition and persistence.
We can affirm that ambition and persistence are qualities also distinguishing Slovene Logistic Association. The international congress "Supply Chain Management in Science and Practice" is growing annually. The 7th international congress 2019 has hosted 270 participants from 10 different countries. Nearly 30 speakers have shared their knowledge and experience with us introducing specific examples of good practice.

The congress brings together all parties in any way whatsoever connected to logistics: logistic, transport, and production companies; suppliers of IT solutions; educational institutions, and national authorities. The involvement of all these parties gives the congress specific character and the opportunity for enhanced cooperation, networking and exchanging of good practice not only from our branch but also from the field of activities of our customers. This allows us to get to know our customers even better and further improve our services.

The 8th international congress "EUROLOG / Supply Chain Management in Science and Practice 2020" will be held in cooperation with the European Logistics Association (ELA), of which SLZ is a member. ELA brings together 27 logistic associations from EU Member States and some other countries. Cooperation with ELA gives our congress even wider international dimension and at the same time a guarantee of strong international participation and hence the opportunity for networking on international level.

The congress will approach the topics from the field of comprehensive digital and business transformation; modern technologies in logistic industries and transport; artificial intelligence (AI); automation and robotics in logistics, transport, and production logistics. We will present actual examples of application of modern technologies in production, logistics, and transport with particular attention to "freight forwarding".

The presentations we host always provide you with practical solutions. Our speakers are top managers and experts from Slovenia and abroad presenting the best examples of good practice. And this year’s event will be no exception.

Slovenian Logistics Association builds relationships.

Igor Žula
President of Slovenian Logistic Association